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Classic logo
Classic Inks
Only Classic makes Classic genuine consumables, and only Classic genuine consumables are guaranteed to work with your Classic Stylus Inkjet printer. You can be sure of high quality results and reliability with ink, driver, and printer working together in perfect harmony. Classic have spent millions in research and development to ensure that you get the very best from your product.
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HP Logo
Hewlett-Packard Inks
HP inks are not just colored water but complex substances specifically formulated and engineered to produce exceptional printed output with HP printing systems. The inks developed for HP large format printers are specially formulated and tested to ensure high reliability and performance on a variety of printing materials and across a range of conditions.
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Uniform Logo

Uniform Inks
Uniform inks have been developed specifically to offer faster drying times and greatly increased media compatibility, yet are Laboratory certified as being 100% free of cyclohexanone and isophorone. And now with two inksets, both offering a level of durability that is impossible to achieve using standard issue solvent inks, using anything other than Uniform ink in your printer is a compromise.
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Inktec Logo
Compatible Inks
Over the years, InkTec Corporation has become one of the leaders in the field of printer accessories and thanks to our worldwide exports, we've been acknowledged in the international market.
InkTec is environmentally friendly. We have received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, thus recognizing that we are a quality and environmentally conscious corporation.
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Excite Inks
Excite Inks - Grand Format

Excite Inks are a series of quality solvent based and UV inks for wide-format inkjet printers that have been carefully designed for use in equipment from the world’s leading wide-format inkjet printer manufacturers. Our inks assure you of 100% compatibility* with your current printer. Excite Inks is dedicated to helping you become and remain more competitive and profitable. Our pricing structure will help you compete on even the most price sensitive jobs.
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