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Onyx Poster Shop

Onyx PosterShop

Streamline Job Management
PosterShop includes support for two printers with multiple Hot Folders, used for specifying job properties. Print directly from your creative application. Or drag and drop jobs into the appropriate Hot Folder and, when the system detects an available printer matching the job properties, printing begins automatically.

Onyx Preflight

Preflight Puts Everything at Your Fingertips
Preflight is easy to navigate and easy to use. Key actions and controls are located in the main tabs. It shows you the final output color on your screen, saving you the hassle of printing to see the final colors.

Scale, Crop, Rotate, Apply Custom Tiling to Images
Pre-flight with professional tools that let you perform difficult tasks easily and with consistent results from one job to the next. Interactive sizing, cropping and custom tiling, as well as full pan and zoom, instantly shows on your display.

Make Color Corrections on the Fly
Adapt easily and quickly to your customers’ subjective view of color. Novice and expert users alike will find an intuitive color correction toolset that lets you quickly and easily make changes without leaving PosterShop. Change brightness, saturation and contrast for the image globally, or individually affect highlight, mid-tones and shadows. Powerful CMYK and HSV tools allow more advanced users to fine tune images to meet the demands of the most exacting clients. View up to four color filters at once to compare changes, or select a specific color – or a range of colors – and replace it with another to fine tune even the most difficult prints. All without touching the original file.

Superior Printer Driver Support
Not only does PosterShop come with a comprehensive set of small, medium and large format printer drivers, Onyx Graphics works closely with printer manufacturers to ensure superior printer support. PosterShop printers drivers are the best in the industry and provide you award-winning color quality with maximum performance.

Manage Medias and Calibrate As Needed
PosterShop includes an impressive range of default media and reference ICC profiles. With PosterShop, you can recalibrate your printer to your media as needed in response to changing print conditions. In addition, you can import and apply custom ICC profiles, as well as create and edit density calibration tables and control ink restrictions.

Easy, flexible Contour Cutting Workflow
Printing and cutting has never been easier or more profitable. Now you can take standard PostScript® files with contour cut paths and print them on any printer, then cut on any of a range of industry contour cutting devices, including Gerber®, Graphtec™, Mutoh® Ultima™, Mimaki®, Roland®, Summa®, and Generic cutters. You can also use standard inkjet Print and Cut devices from Graphtec® and Roland® to easily print-and-cut jobs.

Whether you’re already offering print and cut services or don’t know anything about it, PosterShop offers the best workflow. Not only can you nest, resize and copy contour cutting print jobs, but you can also tile them right within the PosterShop workflow. The RIP-Queue automatically adjusts the contour files and handles all of the details.

PosterShop maximizes your flexibility when printing and cutting contours, by completely handling the printing of "registration marks" recognized by many "electric eye" cutters. The RIP-Queue prints these specific marks needed by your contour cutter on any of the hundreds of different printers that it supports. Registration is then automatic when you use the Onyx CUT-Server to cut out the job after printing.

An optional barcode reader can automate the process even further, so operators can get more cut jobs out flawlessly.

arrows Contour Cutter Workflow (PDF Document)

Web Portal for Web-based Print Job Management
Manage your print jobs from any computer on your network with a web browser. You can also submit jobs from a PC, Mac, or Unix-based compatible web browser on your network.

Onyx Web Portal

PosterColor™ is a proprietary color rendering technology that gives CMYK posters brilliant-looking saturated colors when you apply ICC profiles. Many print operators know that applying ICC profiles will dull-down the colors in CMYK print jobs. With PosterColor™ you get the gray-balancing and hue matching benefits of ICC color management, but with the fully-saturated look that your printer inks can actually achieve.

Onyx Poster Color

arrows Hardware RIPs vs. Onyx Software RIP
(PDF Document)


Features and Benefits

Very Easy to Use
  • File-Open-Print is all it takes to get great output
  • Automatically install the program and printer drivers in one easy step
  • Print directly from creative applications on the Mac or PC
  • Printer Operator-friendly job preflight and printer queue
  • Easy quickset selection for automated job setup
  • Get all the media profiles you need for free from the Onyx Graphics website
  • AutoUpdate system keeps you automatically updated with the latest RIP features and drivers.
Best RIP Value on the Market Today
  • No need to pay extra for sign and decal cutting
  • Complete and easy contour cutting workflow included
  • No need to pay extra for screen printing feature set
  • Full-featured precision and custom screen printing featureset included
  • No need to pay extra for large-format drivers
  • Includes comprehensive set of small, medium and large-format drivers
    (see full list here)
  • Free software updates - AutoUpdate system keeps you updated with the latest point releases of the software - at no cost
  • Free and friendly Tech Support in North America for all PosterShop Version 6.0 users.

Pantone Logo

PANTONE® Color Matching
Onyx PosterShop includes the full licensed PANTONE Color Library. Spot color matching is easy because more accurate PANTONE spot color matching happens automatically during processing. The Onyx RIP recognizes PANTONE named colors in PostScript or PDF files and matches the colors as closely as possible. PosterShop also includes a media profile gamut report that shows you just how close your media can match each PANTONE color.

Other Great Features

  • Interactively scale, crop, and rotate images
  • Apply custom tiling to oversized prints
  • Make color corrections and replace color – or a range of colors – from Preflight
  • Web Portal for web-based print job submission and Queue Management
  • Proprietary PosterColor™ color rendering technology that drastically improves color punch of solvent ink output
  • Innovative screening technologies, including Smooth Screen, custom and precision rosette screening capabilities
  • Import and apply custom ICC profiles
  • Create and edit density calibration tables and control ink restrictions
  • Print directly to the queue from your creative application as you would to any desktop printer — even across networks and platforms
  • Visually preview files to avoid costly reprinting
  • RIP and simultaneously print bitmapped files for faster throughput
  • Reduce ink consumption and media spoilage with Media Save nesting and nesting preview
  • Add and calibrate your own media
  • Color match spot colors in PostScript files
  • Automatically e-mail or FTP-send soft proofs to your print buyers Read More Here (PDF Document).

Onyx Benefits

Upgrade Path
PosterShop includes a PostScript RIP, a Raster RIP, and support for two active printers with multiple Hot Folders. It also includes media management, calibration, pre-flight preview, size, custom tiling and color correction. As you grow, add additional printers and RIPs, Step & Repeater, and Profile Generator to build custom ICC profiles. Contour Cutting and In-House Contract Proofing are also optional add-on features.

arrows Optional Proofing Workflow and Tools
(PDF Document)

arrows Optional i-Cut® Support (PDF Document)

Suggested Minimum Requirements
Operating System:
- Windows 2000® Server w/ SP3
- Windows 2000-Pro® w/ latest service pack
- Windows XP Pro® w/ latest service pack
- Intel Pentium III
- Athalon, 1.5 Ghz or higher
- 40 Gb Hard Drive
- 1 Gb RAM per CPU
Video Display:
- 1280 X 1024 16-bit color
One USB Port required for Security Key
DVD-ROM drive suggested, 40x CD-ROM Minimum Required

arrows Onyx PosterShop Specifications
arrows Printers Supported

arrows Onyx RIPCenter Details
arrows Onyx ProductionHouse Details